Pastor Darryl & Pamela Ware     





  on May 10, 2007

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your contribution of  $150.00

    The Total Amount above will be Charged to:

     Name on Credit Card: Michael Brown
                   Type of Card: Visa
      Card CCV # on Back: 474
                         Exp. Date: 01/10
       Card Billing Address: 507 Main Str. Fairfield, Conn. 06614
If the information above is not correct please use the back button, make the correction and then resubmit the corrected information.  Your card "Will Not Be Billed Twice". 

All credit card transactions will be processed by Y.E.S.S. CARD INC.

Print this page for your records, then proceed by clicking on the logo below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our secure online contribution form. 


                         Pastor Darryl & Pamela Ware

Print this page for your proof of purchase. 

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